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Free mini online course to help you and your family set and achieve your goals.

This free course gives you access to a 37-minute webinar and a handout to download.

Course Content includes:

  • SMARTER Goals Overview

  • Specific Goals

  • Measurable Goals

  • Achievable Goals

  • Relevant Goals

  • Timeframe On Goals

  • Evaluate Goals

  • Reward Goals

  • Goal Setting Tips

  • Finding Motivation

  • Preparing For Obstacles

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Teens & Anxiety Webinar

What is normal?

When do I worry?

Webinar Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes


You will learn:

  • What is normal adolescent development?

  • What does anxiety in teenagers look like?

  • When is anxiety a problem?

  • Support options to consider.

  • Practical strategies that adults can use to support teens.

  • Practical strategies to teach your teenager to manage anxiety.

Lifetime access, with handouts, and extra resources available.

Watch on your own or with your teenager.

Two free sections to preview - no registration required.

Life Skills 101.png

Online Resource Guide


This roadmap is meticulously crafted to highlight critical learning experiences and essential life skills, equipping your teenager with the fundamental tools for a successful transition into adulthood. Within each section of this guide, you will find a comprehensive checklist of important life skills that you can empower your teenager to acquire, refine, and master.

School Refusal Marketing.png

Webinar Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


You will learn:

  • What is school refusal

  • What drives school refusal behaviour

  • Why you need to take school refusal seriously and act quickly

  • Strategies for you as the adult to help

  • Strategies you can use with your child and teenager

  • Strategies to teach your child and teen for them to use

  • Why connecting with school is important

  • How to identify resilience and amplify what is already working

  • When to seek extra support

  • Where to seek extra support

Lifetime access, with handouts, and extra resources available.

One free section to preview - no registration required.

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Online Course

Creating Calm for Kids:

Recognising and Responding to Anxiety in 5 to 12 year olds

Designed for the significant people in a child's life, the course is suitable for parents, grandparents, carers, and teachers.

  • You will learn:

    • What is anxiety?​

    • What does it look like in kids?

    • When is it a problem?

    • When to seek help and support

    • Reflecting on home life

    • Understanding that anxiety is contagious

    • Strategies to regulate the body

    • Strategies to calm the mind

    • Relational approaches that build resilience

    • Emotional Freedom Techniques

    • Tips for teachers

    • Resources, links, and additional information

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