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Dr. Kate Owen

Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Family Therapist

B.Psych (Hons), DPsych (Clinical), Clinical Family Therapist

MAPS, MCCLP, Clinical Member AAFT

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I am a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Family Therapist with a background in the mental health field spanning back to 2002.


My journey commenced in Child and Youth Mental Health on the Gold Coast, an experience that ignited my interest in working closely with families. This interest has since evolved into a deep-seated passion. I love the opportunity to engage with individuals, couples, and families who prioritize the significance of "relationships." My therapeutic approach revolves around the goals of alleviating stress and accentuating the strengths inherent in relationships. I often help people navigate through past relationship issues that continue to affect their current lives. My goal is to guide them toward a future they desire and their greatest aspirations.


Another avenue of passion is in supporting professionals to deliver quality, evidence-based practices, and to assist professionals in understanding how to better support members of the public. This often manifests through my role as a supervisor and mentor for clinicians and mental health teams, as well as delivering workshops and lectures to different sectors (e.g., Health Departments and the Department of Education, etc.).


Additionally, I take pride in conducting professional development workshops across Australia. Just as clients require support, professionals dedicating their careers to aiding others deserve the same. If you are a professional please explore my workshops on offer.


In a bid to foster personal growth and enrich self-awareness in all, I offer personal development classes. These classes empower individuals to reflect on themselves and their relationships at a profound level, equipping them with valuable skills for enhanced well-being. Recognizing the constraints of time, I've diligently crafted an online catalogue of webinars and courses, accessible at


In recent years, I've discovered my creative side and have crafted numerous resources to share as generosity is one of my core values. I invite you to explore the treasure trove of free resources available on my website, as well as my YouTube channel and podcast interviews. For those intrigued by my creative offerings, you might also find my Keep Calm Cards, released in March 2020, of interest.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to swim."

Jon Kabat Zinn

Qualifications and Areas of Practice

  • I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

  • I am a recognized Clinical Family Therapist accredited by the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT).

  • I am an approved supervisor sanctioned by the Psychology Board of Australia.

  • I am also an AAFT-approved clinical supervisor.

  • I have received training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, completing both Level 1 and Level 2.

  • I am trained in Evidence-Based Emotional Freedom Techniques.

  • Additionally, I hold a certificate in Clinical Hypnosis.

  • My practice is grounded in Trauma-Informed principles.

Professional Experience

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of engaging in a diverse array of professional roles, including:

  • Serving as a Director at my private practice clinic.

  • Co-Founder of The QLD Institute of Family Therapy (2018-2024).

  • Contributing to the Child and Youth Mental Health Service on the Gold Coast through work in the Inpatient Unit, Evolve Therapeutic Services, and the Access Team.

  • Educating and mentoring the next generation of professionals through roles in University teaching and supervision at institutions such as the University of Queensland Masters of Mental Health (Family Therapy), Bond University Masters of Clinical Psychology, and Griffith University.

  • Providing individualized supervision and mentoring services.

  • Facilitating group supervision sessions for both government and non-governmental mental health and counseling teams.

  • Conducting workshops and training sessions for fellow helping professionals.

  • Delivering online webinars and courses tailored to professionals and the general public.

  • Presenting at conferences to share knowledge with peers.

  • Publishing articles in reputable journals.

  • Developing innovative products, such as the "Keep Calm Cards."


Please note that I am unable to provide a crisis service to clients.

In the event of an emergency please contact Lifeline (13 11 14), call emergency services on 000, or present to your local Accident and Emergency Department for support.

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