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Empowering The Helping Professional

This one-day workshop is designed to assist individuals in the mental health and related helping fields in acquiring techniques to create safety, mitigate stress and combat burnout. The workshop places emphasis on delivering practical strategies that professionals can implement while on shift, with coworkers, and in their personal lives. Furthermore, all techniques taught are highly effective therapeutic approaches that can be applied when working with clients in a therapeutic setting.

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Establishing a sense of safety is a fundamental necessity for any practitioner, helper or organisation offering mental health support to individuals dealing with stress, trauma, shame and other susceptibilities. The workshop provides an integrative, holistic, and trauma-conscious approach to assist practitioners in proactively embedding sustainable self-care practices that align with the person-practitioner-work environment. It tackles the essential requirements that practitioners, helpers, and organisations have regarding mentally healthy workplaces and its connection to resilience and long-term effectiveness amidst daily encounters with trauma-inducing circumstances, thereby minimising the impact of psychosocial hazards, compassion fatigue and burnout.


To arrange this workshop for your organisation, please contact Dr Kate Owen at or 0408528380.

To attend a public event, please search the Compass Seminars Australia website at

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