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Resources and Training For Helping Professionals

Supervision and Consultancy

I am passionate about supervising and mentoring other counselling and health professionals. I offer group supervision to both government and non-government organisations, travelling extensively throughout South East Queensland to support mental health and counselling teams. My goal is to help teams reflect on their clients' needs and develop effective treatment plans for high-quality care. Single session team debriefing sessions are available, and online group supervision is also available upon request.

I am available for consultancy on organisational projects. By applying systemic principles, organisations can enhance the functioning of their service, resulting in improved relational dynamics, enhanced communication, conflict resolution, and supporting staff to navigate change. 

For more information about this service and the fee schedule for various types of supervision and consultancy, please contact me directly and 0408 528 380.

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Key Skills in Family Therapy

A two-day workshop aimed at practitioners who work with children, young people, adults, couples, families, and/or organisations supporting clients with mental health issues.

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Introduction to Family Therapy

This workshop offers an immersive experience into the fundamentals of family therapy, equipping professionals with essential tools and techniques to enhance their clinical practice.

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Trauma-Informed Care Workshops

Trauma-informed care is a crucial approach in mental health and counselling that acknowledges the profound impact of trauma on an individual and their family’s well-being.


Working Safely with Families and Trauma

Families affected by traumatic events can often break down as each family member struggles in their own way to come to terms with what has happened.

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Empowering The Helping Professional

This one-day workshop is designed to assist individuals in the mental health and related helping fields in acquiring techniques to create safety, mitigate stress and combat burnout.

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Working Systemically with Stakeholders

The workshop is aimed at practitioners with a basic knowledge of Family Therapy concepts to teach skills in working systemically with other treating professionals for the best outcome for clients.

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Live Supervision: Systemic Supervision in Action

This two-day workshop helps professionals to develop more specialist knowledge and skills in the application of family therapy practice.

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Systemic Integrative Practice Masterclass

This is an advanced and applied training workshop for participants who have systemic family therapy training and experience.


Supporting Students with Anxiety

This one-day workshop is for professionals in the Education sector who work with students affected by stress and anxiety.​

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School Talks for Educators and Parents

One to three-hour presentations are available on childhood anxiety, adolescent development, communication with teenagers, school refusal, managing anxiety, trauma-informed education practices, and much more.

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Trauma-Informed Classrooms

This one-day workshop is designed for those in the Education sector who support students affected by trauma to strengthen their wellbeing and learning.

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Don’t see a workshop or training that you are after? Contact Kate to discuss collaboration and development of a presentation topic to suit your learning needs.


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Systems Thinking For The Beginning Family Therapist

These two YouTube videos are a great introduction to key systemic concepts for those who are new to family therapy and systemic practice.

Originally created for The QLD Institute of Family Therapy (no longer in operation) the Part 1 YouTube video will introduce mental health and counselling professionals to the key concepts including:


  • Systems Focus

  • Identified Patient

  • Circularity

Originally created for The QLD Institute of Family Therapy (no longer in operation) the Part 2 YouTube video will introduce mental health and counselling professionals to the key concepts including: ​


  • Process and Content

  • Strengths Focus

  • The Family Life Cycle

Self Care and Protection From Burnout

Free Online Course for Counselling, Mental Health, and Medical Professionals.

Try the Keep Calm Cards

Are anxiety, worry, or stress a part of your daily life? Or do you support someone who faces these challenges? Discover accessible, effective strategies that you can use immediately and seamlessly integrate into your everyday routine.


The cards are uniquely designed and colour-coded to provide quick and easy references to strategies that calm the body and ease the mind. Each card includes step-by-step instructions and insightful explanations on why each method works, ensuring you have the tools you need to find calm and clarity.


Take control of your well-being today.

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Systems Thinking Cheat Sheet

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Systemic Assessment and Questions Tip Sheet

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Questions and Tips for Tracking

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Family Therapy with Individuals Infographic

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Safe Place Experiential Exercise

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Working Safely with Families and Trauma Roadmap


IFTA 2024 World Family Therapy Congress Presentation:
"Systemic Meta-Framework for Integrative Practice: Clinical and Teaching Tool."

IFTA 2024 World Family Therapy Congress Presentation: "Integrative Practice in Systemic Group Supervision:Growing Competence, Confidence and Adaptability."​

Journal Article: White, L. & Owen, K. (2022) Systemic Integrative Practice: A Meta-Framework. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy

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The Systemic Way: Integrative Systemic Practice: A Contemporary Framework with Dr Kate Owen and Dr Leonie White

In this episode I discuss the Queensland Institute of Family Therapy's (QIFT) meta framework for integrative practice with co-founder Leonie.  We talk about how practitioners are embracing an integrative approach and our experience of developing the framework.

Topics covered include:  

The main elements of the framework 

How integrative differs from traditional approaches in family therapy 

What it contributes to the wider systemic field 

Throughout the conversation we discuss case examples and teaching points about the model.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

Viktor E. Frankl

Please note: These online programs are educational products and designed for this. The general public must take full responsibility for their use of it. This material is for general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical attention, counselling, therapy or advice from a qualified health care professional. The information here is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.


The information is not intended to substitute supervision and reflective practice processes.  

If you experience any unusual symptoms practising the techniques you should seek the advice of a health professional. You can email for a referral to an appropriately qualified professional.

All information on is for personal use only, for educational purposes. While Dr Kate Owen is a registered psychologist, all products (free or for purchase) are not a psychological service or instruction of use for use in clinical practice.

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