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Working Systemically with Stakeholders: Collaborative Practice in Action

This workshop is designed specifically for professionals who are required to collaborate with other stakeholders, work systemically, and co-ordinate/participate in collaborative care teams and meetings for the best outcome for their client and family.

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The workshop is aimed at practitioners with a basic knowledge of Family Therapy concepts who have an understanding of how to work systemically and holistically with clients and families. This workshop builds upon this existing knowledge to assist professionals in thinking and designing systemic interventions with stakeholders in the wider treating system supporting a young person.


The workshop is interactive, dynamic, experiential, and self-reflective in nature. Specifically, the workshop covers the following:

  • What is collaborative practice and why is it important in health care

  • Developing a shared definition and understanding of what it means to work systemically with stakeholders (i.e., other treating teams and organisations).

  • Exploring similarities and differences of working systemically with clients vs stakeholders.

  • Exploration of what allows, and hinders, practitioners to work collaboratively with wider treating systems.

  • Overview of how family therapy concepts, strategies, and techniques apply to stakeholder work.

  • Overview of a framework to guide collaborative practice interventions with stakeholders.

  • Application of course content via case studies and experiential exercises.

To arrange this workshop for your organisation, please contact Dr Kate Owen at or 0408528380.

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