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Key Skills in Family Therapy

This two-day workshop is aimed at practitioners who work with children, young people, adults, couples, families, and/or organisations supporting clients with mental health issues. This workshop introduces participants to core Family Therapy concepts and broadens practitioners' understanding of how to view 'the client’s problem', as well as providing practical skills and interventions for use with the client groups.

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Built on theoretical constructs from systemic, structural, solution focused and narrative family therapy models to teach core thinking and interviewing skills in family therapy, it makes complex theory easy to grasp and the related techniques easy to implement.

The workshop is interactive, dynamic, experiential, and self-reflective in nature using a variety of teaching tools and modalities to enhance the learning experience. Offering guidance on everything from intake and assessment to treatment planning, the nuts and bolts of specific interventions, the nuances of establishing therapeutic relationships, and how to troubleshoot when treatment gets “stuck". Linking theory to practice features strongly throughout each component of the workshop, as does developing practical skills to take away from the workshop. 

You will learn:

  • Theoretical underpinnings of the major family therapy models

  • How to understand and effectively use key tools such as hypothesizing, reframing, circular questioning, and genograms

  • How to engage all family members in therapy

  • How to use Family Therapy skills when working with individuals

  • How to understand the presenting problem in a family context vs the identified patient

  • Understanding the family life cycle, influences of family origin and multigenerational patterns

  • Guidelines for conducting assessment, initial interviews, therapy plans and termination of treatment

  • Unpacking relationship issues and understanding the influence of triangulation and alliances

  • Demonstrations by experienced family therapists


To arrange this workshop for your organisation, please contact Dr Kate Owen at or 0408528380.

To attend a public event, please search the Compass Seminars Australia website at

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