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Compassion Fatigue and Nursing

As a teacher, mentor, and supervisor, I have the privilege of supporting helping professionals from a variety of different sectors. When it comes to the field of nursing I have primarily supported those in the mental health industry, however, with my collaboration with eNurse I have been able to connect with nurses in medical roles. How exciting!

So if you are a nurse, or know a nurse, then this blog and links are for you.

"The Cost of Caring" is the blog article I wrote for eNurse and can be accessed by clicking here.

My hope in writing the blog was to honour the values, hopes and dreams of nurses as they enter the field, acknowledge the reality of working in a highly stressful industry, provide education on signs of burnout and vicarious trauma, as well as provide practical tools for managing stress, worry and anxiety.

In the blog, I encourage nurses who are feeling stressed or experiencing workplace burnout to take advantage of my free "Self-Care and Protection from Burnout" online program. Although originally created for counselors and mental health professionals, feedback from hundreds of participants suggests that those in medical roles will also benefit from the program.

The "Self-Care and Protection from Burnout" online program can be accessed by clicking here. This course will always be free. This is my gift to the helping professional community.

And for those nurses wanting simple but effective strategies for managing stress and anxiety, there are links to my Keep Calm Cards. A deck of cards with 37 evidence-based strategies that nurses can use for themselves, or learn and use in their clinical practice when they support patients and their families.

If you would like to know more about the Keep Calm Cards: what they are, how to use them, and how to use them when supporting others, click here to watch my video.

The plan is to write more blogs for nurses via the eNurse website, and I will update my site with links for you.

"Thank you" to all the nurses.

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