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Coping Kits for Kids

Updated: May 26, 2020

Great idea for anxious kids.

Every kid gets stressed out and worried at times. Sometimes you can help them, and sometimes the worries just seem “too big”.

One strategy I teach in my clinic is for families to create a “Coping Kit”.

Instructions To Make: • Get a box.

• Write on small cards reminders of what your child can do when worried.

  • Read a book.

  • Listen to music.

  • Play with the dog.

  • Get a hug.

  • Anything that gives them an activity to calm down.

• Add in some physical activities to the box.

  • A squishy ball to squeeze.

  • bubbles to blow.

  • balloon to practice deep breathing.

• Add something to change the senses.

  • Something that smells nice like lavender.

  • Something to chew on like a mint.

• Add a small journal and pencil so they can write down their thoughts.

• Get creative!

  • What else could you and your child add to the Coping Kit that would help them to calm down?

  • A very creative family in my clinic made their own game to add to the box. Wow!

Instructions For Use: • Keep the box somewhere in sight and easy access.

• Talk about using the Coping Kit often.

• When your child is stressed go and get the box and coach them to use the tools inside.

• Do THREE strategies from the box to help shift cognitively and emotionally away from worries.

• Praise your child for taking control of their worries.

• Keep adding ideas to the Coping Kit and taking out things that your child says doesn’t help.

• Be a great role model and you use the Coping Kit when you are worried. How powerful would that be!

For 37 evidence based strategies that will help soothe the body and ease the mind, check out the Keep Calm Cards created by Dr Kate Owen - suitable for all ages.

Watch Kate's YouTube video on creating Keep Calm Kits for kids.


More Resources

Consider Dr Kate Owen's online course "Creating Calm Kids: Recognising and Responding to Anxiety in 5 to 12 Year Olds". This course is valuable at $190, providing access to over 19 modules of learning and practical strategies.

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Please keep in mind that this is general advice. If you have concerns for your or your child please seek the help of a professional.

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