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Family Connection Jenga Game

By Kate Owen

Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Family Therapist

You may have heard of the popular game Jenga. Jenga is the classic block-stacking game where each person takes a turn removing a single block from a tower and then balancing it on top of the tower until the construction eventually becomes unstable and falls down, with blocks flying everywhere while everyone laughs and cheers.

What if you could take this fun game and use it as a family connection activity? The basic concept of the game is the same, but with a relationship twist.

What You Will Need:

• A Jenga set

Download and print these 54 family connection cards – cut them into individual cards

How To Play:

  1. Each person takes a turn

  2. Remove a block from the stack and place the block on top of the tower

  3. Choose a family connection card

  4. Read the card out aloud to the group

  5. Answer the question or perform the fun dare that is on the card

  6. When the tower falls the game is over

An alternative version of the game is to choose a member of the group to answer the question chosen or to perform the dare. And if a question or dare makes someone uncomfortable, they simply choose a different card.

Get Creative:

Your family might choose to use the pre-made cards above. Or maybe your family wants to spend time together creating your own questions and fun-friendly dares.

The questions can be simple or questions to make you think. Overall the game is meant to be fun, strengthen family connections, and help learn more about the people in your family.

Have fun!


This article is educational in nature and does not constitute therapeutic advice or suggestion

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